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5-Reel Braiding Machine
10,00  -Excl. Tax
A 5-reel LEGO Technic braiding machine, powered by a single motor or a manual crank, which braids raw material into a final fabric (cord, wristband etc.). Available in two versions : standard made in 2016 which needs a M motor and a rechargeable Li-Po battery, and an enhanced version (2022) which needs L motor and standard battery.
Galileo Clock
10,00  -Excl. Tax
A working LEGO Technic clock, based on Galileo escapement and knive edges suspension with 1.5sec pendulum. With a 60mm drop rate/hours and 72cm string, the clock can run for 12h.
Working Microscope
0,00  -Excl. Tax
A LEGO Technic working microscope using a water drop for magnification, with dual light with down shutter.
Crawler Grabber
10,00  -Excl. Tax
A motorized LEGO Technic Crawler Grabber inspired by 8062 Set, with 5 functions : drives on each track with double bogie suspensions, auto tilting claw using sliding gearing, raising and extension of the boom.
Spiral Ball Lift
5,00  -Excl. Tax
A LEGO Technic Great Ball Contraption module, using scotck yoke ball pump to lift the balls and a spiral slide end.
A LEGO Technic replica of the B.J Baldwin baja truck Recoil #1, features rear wheels drive, steering, fake engine and suspension, with monster energy color scheme.
LMP1 Racecar
10,00  -Excl. Tax
A LEGO Technic 1/10 LMP1 Race Car, featured realistic suspensions, fake engine with working drivetrain, steering with return to steering wheel, openable doors and rear bonnet.
Honda RA300 1967
10,00  -Excl. Tax
A LEGO Technic reproduction of this iconic Formula One from 1967 season : The Honda RA300. Features motorized drives and steering, realistic suspensions and custom stickers.
Vertical Ball Clock
7,50  -Excl. Tax
A combination between a clock and a marble run, as a LEGO Technic Vertical Ball Clock, with hours and minutes digits represented by balls in vertical digits, powered by a single motor. 
Small Mechanical Loom
10,00  -Excl. Tax
A LEGO Technic small mechanical loom which weaves a fabric using 6 reels, powered by a single motor and using a timing drum to sequence the weaving pattern.