Lunar Rover

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A LEGO Technic remote controlled Lunar Rover, features 4×4 drives, 2 axle steering, controls with 2-axis joystick and folding deployment system.


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  • Motorized Lunar rover inspired by Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle
  • Power Functions System (1 IR receiver, 1 emitter)
  • 4×4 drive with a L Motor
  • Steering on both axle with Servo Motor with very compact hubs
  • Folding deployment system (front, rear, accessories and seats)
  • Detailed cockpit (seat, antenna, camera)
  • With joystick to control it (two axis)

You can read the full review of this model on the blogpost.


How to build ?

You only need the parts and the instructions. You can purchase the PDF instructions on this shop which contains the partlist at the end, but you can check on Rebrickable or in the instructions preview below.


About this product

Instructions preview

Erratum : page 8 step 16 : use a black axle 4L instead of the grey axle 5LRebrickable partlist update,  BOM in the PDF not updated.


Additional information

Model Size

28x16x16cm (vehicle) 12x10x20cm (joystick)


Gray, Red, Yellow


All, Car


Yes (with drive)

Building Difficulty


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Bill Of Material

Purchased File

PDF Instructions Truck (57 pages / 17mo)