8 Speed Sequential Gearbox with DNR Selector

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Free instructions of the 8 speed sequential gearbox with DNR Selector issued from my 42115 Alternate Model of the Lamborghini Sian, the Ford F150.

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  • 8 speeds with endstops (to prevent gear shift from 1th to 8th and 8th to 1th)
  • stepper mechanism (yellow lever) to engage gears
  • DNR (Drive / Neutral / Reverse) selector (red lever)
  • AWD (no central differential), RWD or FWD
  • Front Fake engine
  • Compact building (5 height stud for the gearing unit)
  • Optional motorization, only for display (drivetrain not design for power vehicle)

You can read the full review of the Ford F150 where I used this gearbox on the blogpost. If you are interested by this Alternate model of the Lamborghini Sian – 42115 Ford F150 in LEGO Technic, see the product page here.


How to build ?

The PDF instructions can be downloaded for free on this shop, or you can get with the 42115 Ford F150 which contains a practical use of this gearbox. Each instruction contains the partlist at the end, but you can check in the instructions preview below.


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