Spiral Ball Lift

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A LEGO Technic Great Ball Contraption module, using scotck yoke ball pump to lift the balls and a spiral slide end.


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How it works

The balls wait in the starting tray which is moved alternatively to prevent ball blocking. Then the balls are load in the vertical ball pump. This ball pump is based on the scotch yoke principle. A rotating cam makes the ball loader moves front up to down and right to left combining. Thanks to this, the ball is taken, pass through the vertical storage and then is blocked until a other push it the move upper, this until the vertical lift is full of ball. Then the ball reaches the highest point and is released in the spiral slide using ribbed hose attached underneath.

You can read the full review of this model on the blogpost.


How to build ?

You only need the parts and the instructions. You can purchase the PDF instructions on this shop which contains the partlist at the end, but you can check on Rebrickable or in the instructions preview below.


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