Braiding Machine

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A LEGO Technic braiding machine, which makes ropes and wristbands, by counter-rotating 9 reels into a final fabric. Powered by a single motor, with auto-winding mechanism.


Video Presentation


The machine is composed of :

  • A frame, mainly in yellow color which handles the mechanisms and features
  • A big drum in gray color with the big circle which can rotate (driven by a turntable)
  • 3 planetary devices which support 3 reels each and can also rotate (driven by a linked-chain)
  • 3 reels on each planetary (therefore 9 reels) which can also rotate (driven also by 3 linked- chains)
  • 3 die for weaving 3 strings in one (will be called the planetary dies)
  • A principal die which weave the whole 3 weaves from planetaries in only one final weave
  • A mechanism for pulling the whole weave
  • A final drum system with alternate moving winding system to store the fabric

You can read the full review of this model on my blog.


How to build ?

If you have already the parts : you can purchase the PDF instructions only on this page and build it with your LEGO parts. The instruction contains the partlist at the end, and you can check individually on Rebrickable, or in the instructions previews below.

If you do not have the parts, you can purchase the complete kit from two different retailers :

I have replaced the Train regulator and the extension cable in the instructions, by a simple Battery box in the partlist.

I use “DMC thread” standard product on the video, but you can use any other thread product (embroidery, wool etc.) Carbon fiber has been tested on the picture for the Siltex exhibition.


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