Braiding Machine makes Wristband !

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  1. Nico71 says:

    Thank you for your comment, I think this is I have done on my fast 5 reels braiding machine

  2. Rahere says:

    The use of a rotary spool for the thread increases the risk of jamming. Most workers in light lines these days prefer to use a figure-8 spool, as every line lies on top of all the others, by definition, so unspools reliably.
    Instead of wrapping the line around something, you wrap it around two pillars – your fingers, for example – such that it follows a figure-8 path, always crossing in the middle. Make a Cornu with your fingers, middle two folded down, little and index extended. Those are the pillars. Instead or wrapping around and around them, each time the line passes across the middle, front to back, in an 8. The stack will never tangle, and tends to hold its shape when you lift it off.

  3. Nico71 says:

    Hello I used string from DMc company, which is a basic string like that For the wind of the string, I just carefully wind it from the roght to the next and again and again with soft tension in order to not lock the string inside.

  4. Matt fitz says:

    I was able to build this cool machine without too much trouble. What kind of string works best? The plastic material sold at craft stores jammed and didn’t work. How were you able to wind the string around the bobbins by hand so neatly?

  5. matt says:

    Thanks! I was able to build the machine without too much trouble. The regular thread sold at craft shops jams too easily. What kind of thread do you recommend? How were you able to wind the thread so neatly around the bobbins by hand?

  6. Nico71 says:

    Hello, sorry for the old plans, this is not very complete. For the motor, you have to take a XL power function rotors but you can also operate by the hand with a crankshaft. For the power supply you can either use standard battery box but I prefer to control the speed, you can so use old train controller (but expensive and not in very good condition) or news train remote with IT receiver . Have a nice building !

  7. matt says:

    I purchased the plans and acquired the parts for this machine. Can you tell me the part number of the motor and control unit? They were not included in the materials list. Also, what type of yarn do you recommend for this machine?

  8. Jun Da says:

    Hi I am trying to build my own brainding machine but I couldn’t figure out how the winding system work .Would you mind to teach me about the alternate winding system?

  9. Cal says:

    Thank you for sharing!! I built one over the holidays to show our LEGO League kids (8-10 year olds) how gears can be used.

  10. Kevin says:

    Nico, I have built your anmazing braiding machine. It was a tough build but worth the effort. I am having a bit of trouble getting it to work smoothly. The drive chain that links the three spool rotors to the central drive differential demeshes fairly often. I have been very careful with alignment of the gear wheels but still not quite right. I wondered if you had any suggestions for smoother operation. I have one small comment about the instruction pictures. The position of the reverse gear lever spring arm shown in picture 52 does not correspond with the lever psition shown in picture 57 (picture 52 shows the situation for the lever position in picture 58). Easy to fix once I realised. Thanks for the design and the instructions it is a very impressive model.

  11. Hi, Nico !
    really !
    you do a nice job, fantastic.
    Une belle patience, c’est formidable!

  12. Anu says:

    Hei Nicolas,
    This is a brilliant machine!
    And I think you are a genius 🙂
    Keep inventing!

  13. Silas Gardin de Toledo says:

    Good afternoon, congratulations your projects are very good. Where can I find parts? you sell your ready designs or parts?

  14. Naud says:

    Bonjour monsieur,

    Je crois que la liste que vous cherchez pour creé une petite “ourdissoir” est sur la lien suivant; ou ici

    Lycka till! / Bonne chance!

  15. cognat says:

    cher monsieur,

    j’ai 70 ans et mon enfance a Ă©tĂ© bercĂ©e par l’usine de tissage de mon père, usine qui a fermĂ© il y a 20 ans.

    Dans cette usine, il y a
    vait une immense machine appelĂ©e “ourdissoir” qui avait pour fonction de prendre des fils sur des cĂ´nes, puis de les enrouler autour d’un immense tambour et enfin de les dĂ©rouler sur des “ensouples” c’est a dire des tubes qui ensuite Ă©taient installĂ©s sur les mĂ©tiers Ă  tisser

    Bien entendu, votre machine est un peu différente, mais elle a créé chez moi un choc, et je souhaite essayer de la construire

    Est-il possible d’avoir la liste des pièces nĂ©cessaires ? et peut-on les commander Ă  LEGO ,

    je vous remercie de votre aide et vous adresse mes sincères compliments

    Jean François COGNAT

  1. 09/05/2014

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  2. 09/05/2014

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  4. 19/02/2016

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