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You will find here all the PDF building instructions for sale. Click on the image to go to the article, or the button to purchase it. Please note that an automated discount apply if you purchase multiple product : Get 15% off for 2 products and 20% off for 3 on the total of the cart !

Alternate Model

Creations which can be made using only the parts of one Lego set, for instance the 42082 or the 42093.


Replicas of cars, with a focus on accurate bodywork and detailed interior, sometimes motorized.


Replicas of machine, such a calculator or a braiding machine, with a focus on what the machine does or creates.


Replica of Trucks, such as trial truck, handling truck, with a focus on the climbing abilities or the playability.

Construction Equipment

Replicas of constructions equipment, such a crawler loader or a forklift, with a focus on the functions for maximum playability.


Miscellaneous build, such as small device, ideas and concept.


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