Sercel Vibroseis Truck – Nomad 65

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The Sercel Nomad 65, a vibroseis truck, recreated in LEGO Technic at 1/16 scale. Features 3290 parts, 68cm long, for 5 motorized functions : drive, steering, vibrator height, vibration module and winch, with working fake engine and openable elements.


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  • Dimensions : L65 x W21 x H24 cm, Scale : 1/16, Wheels : Ø107mm, Weight : 3kg
  • Drive : 2x XL motor with friction clutches and differentials
  • Steering : 1L motor with two small linear actuators (internal clutches)
  • Vibrator Height : 1L motor with two linear actuators (internal clutches)
  • Vibration Module : 1L motor, geared up on eccentric mass
  • Winch : 1L motor, worm screw on clutch gear (5mm/s)
  • Fake Engine : CAT C13 working L6 Engine with details and fan
  • Openable Elements : doors, front hub cover (rear accessible from underneath)
  • Real pictures display the prototype model, where some color has been changed on the rendered version. The instructions and bill of material portrayed the rendered version (white cylinder in front of the vibrator module).

Story of this model : This project started as a commissioned project for Sercel in 2020, and was produced in 6 quantities for displaying in their showroom and being used in exhibition / training. In 2024, after some demands, I have created the PDF building instructions which were one of the biggest ever done. 


How to build ?

You only need the parts and the instructions :

📕 You can purchase the PDF instructions on this shop and build with your own parts, which included also a tutorial to set up the Control profile on the LEGO App. You will need to have a compatible smartphone, and installing the LEGO PoweredUp App (Ios, Android).

🧩 Partlist is available on Rebrickable or in the instructions preview below. About 35% of the inventory is shared with the 42100 LEGO Technic set, which is a good donor set to build it (white parts, gear and grey connector, electronics), and explains why some pins are red (originally from in the 42100).

🔰 If you want to add stickers on the model, you can download and print this file (A4, 100% zoom), or contact Forwart Sticker to buy the professional sheet.


About this product

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Model Size

65(L) x 21(W) x 24(H) cm – Scale : 1/16




All, Construction Equipment, Truck


Yes (with drive)

Building Difficulty


Piece Count

3290 parts

Bill Of Material

Purchased File

PDF Building Instructions (525 pages / 202mo)
PDF PoweredApp Tutorial (37 pages / 23mo)