42100 Model B – Vibroseis Tracked Vehicle

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An alternate model of the #42100 LEGO Technic set – Liebherr R 9800. Features : motorized drive and articulated steering, operated vibrator, fake engine with speed control, pendular tracks and central articulation. With openable elements, remoted control with PoweredUp or Brickcontroller2 app and building instructions.

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  • Vibroseis Truck inspired by Inova product, using only the parts of the LEGO Technic Set 42100
  • Pendular tracks, and drive on the four sprocket using two XL motors
  • Articulated steering powered by a L motor and dual linear actuators
  • Front winch powered by a L Motor and worm screw gearing
  • Fake engine drive by an XL motor in a decoupled mode of the the drive
  • Lifting of the vibrator platform using linear actuators and L motor
  • Shaking of the vibrator using an eccentric mass powered by a L motor
  • Two Control+ Hub for a total of 12 AA batteries
  • Openable elements : Doors, rear engine bay with working fan, front battery cover
  • Detailed interior with seats, dashboard, detailed engine with exhaust, cooling, rotating fans.

You can read the full review of this model on the blogpost, or watch the Design Secrets Video which is a condensed version of the article in video.


How to build ?

If you own the 42100 LEGO Technic Set – Liebherr R 9800, you can build this creation without any additional parts. You only need to purchase the PDF instructions on this page.

You can see the bill of material in the instructions (instructions previews below) or you can also check it on  Rebrickable.

You can also purchase the instructions in bundle with my other 42100 alternate models on my website and have a discount. Here is the list :


About this product

The download of the instructions also includes two step by step tutorials PDF to configure the model for PoweredUp app (gamepad not required, Android Store / Apple Store) or Brickcontroller2 app (bluetooth gamepad required, Android Store / Apple Store). Please ensure you first that you smarpthone is compatible with one of the app and test it on your 42100 prior purchasing.

Here is the control interface of the PoweredUp App : (example)


Here is the layout of the control of the Brickcontroller2 app plus a SteelSeries Bluetooth gamepad

The rope used is the only one part which is not in the set but every rope/cord/string of about 50cm can be used. 

Instructions preview

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Purchased File

PDF Instructions (405 pages / 133mo)
PDF PoweredApp Tutorial + Matching Blocks (12 pages / 2mo)