Hand Pump (4x Pumps with Air Tank)

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A LEGO Technic Hand Pump with 4x Pumps and 1x Air Tank, to power your LEGO Pneumatic Creation, with free building instructions.

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  • LEGO Hand Pump to power your pneumatic creation (example 1, 2, 3)
  • Dimensions : 13cm (L) x 10cm (W) x 11cm (H)
  • Ergonomic shape for the hand
  • 4x pumps + 1x air tank
  • Ideal for small pneumatic engine or machine
  • Free instructions


How to build ?

The PDF instructions can be downloaded for free on this shop. The instruction contains the partlist at the end, that you can check in the instructions preview below.

For the hose, the bill of material represents the solution I have chosen but you can use different lengths depending of your stock :

  • 5102c02 and 5102c03 : use to connect the pump to the T (can be longer)
  • 5102c11 : use to connect the air tank (can be longer or shorter if you do not pass the hose in holes)
  • 5102c40 : use the connect the switch to the machine/vehicle to power, can be any lenght you have, recommended to use some long hose to have better handling

For alternative hose, I recommend 2/4mm hose from blokbricks which can be purchased at meter.

For alternative pneumatic elements, there are many from Chinese distributors but I have not tested so I can not recommend any brands for now.

The switch is only to release the internal pressure when non used, you can remove it if you do not need it, in this case unplug the hose to release air when needed.

The air tank is not mandatory but help make running smoothly the pneumatic engine by storing some air and pressure inside.

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13cm (L) x 10cm (W) x 11cm (H)




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PDF Instructions (38 pages / 26mo)