Lego Mechanical Loom

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel forcelledo says:

    Hi i want to know how can i make this loom or you can sell it to me or whatever i love it


  2. Nico71 says:

    Arround 2000 Parts.

  3. Dori Werzo says:

    That’s really amazing. How many bricks did you use to build this “monster”? 🙂

  4. Betty Smit says:

    Dear Nico 71
    Congratulations. Adorable! Cést magnifique!

    Greetings from a dutch hobby weaver,

    Bon succes

  5. Nico71 says:

    A new loom faster and smaller which doesn’t weave fabric but finished product : wristband. Regards

  6. David says:

    When do you want to build: “I work on a new mechanical loom, smaller and faster.” ???

  7. Никита says:

    Hello my name is Nikita Lego my hobby, I watched movie with Lego Mechanical Loom and I liked it very much. I would like to ask you a guide on how to do it.

  8. Jeanette says:

    PLEASE make the directions available. I know an awful lot of yarn people who would love to be able to have the directions so that they can put their grown childrens Lego’s to good use instead of having them just sitting in the attic. Thank you 🙂

  9. Tom angleberger says:

    I have previously attempted a loom, but could not get the shuttle automated.
    You are a genius!

  10. Kee-Youn says:

    It’s very interesting. When you notice the new mechanical loom, smaller and fast, I want to build your loom!!!!

  1. 30/07/2012

    […] at the Fanabriques 2012 LEGO exhibition this past June, Nico71′s Lego loom uses only one motor! The system is very simple, a lever rotates on the primary shaft and makes […]

  2. 31/07/2012

    […] at the Fanabriques 2012 LEGO exhibition this past June, Nico71′s Lego loom uses only one motor! The system is very simple, a lever rotates on the primary shaft and makes […]

  3. 31/07/2012

    […] L’année dernière, je vous présentais un métier à tisser fonctionnel entièrement conçu à base de LEGO. Aujourd’hui, je vous propose de découvrir un nouveau modèle du même genre réalisé à l’aide de 2.000 pièces par le français Nico71… […]

  4. 10/08/2012

    […] out his nutty Lego Loom, recently exhibited at France’s 2012 Fana’Briques Lego […]

  5. 20/08/2012

    […] loom made from Lego technic bricks, it’s so incredibly clever! For more information visit Nico71′s blog. […]

  6. 01/05/2013

    […] of our bare feet stepping on a stray Lego. However you feel about these famous building blocks, this loom made with the brand’s technic bricks is sure to impress. If the loom looks […]

  7. 29/11/2013

    […] First attempt to create a full mechanical Loom Machine. At the moment, the system of launched shuttle is not really reliable and accurate, that is why I will change for a pushed shuttdle system. This loom will be displayed at fanabriques 2012 the 29-30 june at Rosheim. […]

  8. 18/09/2014

    […] I was pretty impressed by this one. Displayed at the Fanabriques 2012 LEGO exhibition during June 2012, Nico71’s Lego loom uses only one motor! A lever rotates on the primary shaft and makes contact with a cam one time per revolution. When this cam is pushed, it pulls on a rod which operates the main pushed system (green beam). Read more here. […]

  9. 31/07/2015

    […] So it was nice when my life did a little Lego/X Stitch overlap with this discovery of this amazing Lego mechanical loom by […]

  10. 30/12/2015

    […] like about him is the simple execution of complex functions. Because of his work, I now know how a loom works. The TechLug LMP contest this year had some great designs, but what stood out for me about […]

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