Pneumatic Manipulator

A second test for lego pneumatic engine : a manipulator with rotating superstructure, lifted arm and claw. Powered by simple LPE.


The machine is powered by my own single lego pneumatic engine based on standard crankshaft and connecting rod setup. The gearbox is used to operate the 3 functions which are rotating superstructure (turntable), lifted arm (worm gear) and claw (with axle in the turntable). The engine is reliable and works smoothly, thanks to inertia wheels (8420 wheel). It runs at 200RPM with 4 pumps.

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Designed in 2008

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    Differents possible problems :
    -output switch inversion, try to invert the two ouput
    -wrong rotating indexing, check the picture and reproduce exactly the same position for the wheel with 6 holes and the crank
    -switch too hard to work : maybe your switch is too hard, try a other. You must turn on/off the switch easely with your hand
    -loss presure : check the pipe, the cylinder.
    Hope it will be work ! Regards

    Hi Nico71,
    I built a replica of your single cylinder LPE, almost piece for piece, (still has the samae functionality) but it is not working. Is there any secrets to work it? Do you have to have a certain type of cylinder?(mine has a square base)Do you need to have a continuous stream of air? Thanks a lot!
    See ya later, Black_Omega63

    Je suis désolé je parle pas très bien l’anglais alors je vais y aller en français je traduirais quand même avec google traduction
    moi ce que je voudrais c’est les instruction du moteur pneumatique LPE MERCI

    Traduction :

    I’m sorry I do not speak English very well so I’ll go I would translate it in French anyway with google translation
    me what I want is the instruction of the air motor EPL THANKS

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