Repeating Crossbow

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A LEGO Technic repeating crossbow, inspired by Chinese crossbow with magazine and rotating reloading arm.


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How it works

The model was inspired by a Chinese Repeating Crossbow, you can read here an article about it to understand the functioning. The basic functioning is to have a rotating arm which reloads the bolt with a little gap at the end to lock the string. Then the trigger pushes the string and liberates the bolt.

The main points are the little gap to lock the string, and the design of the magazine. The first in order to lock correctly the string without damage it, and release it without too much force on the trigger. The second point is in the front of the magazine, in order to release one bolt by one bolt and lock it when the magazine is reload. The bolt is stuck partially in the magazine when the string pass through (the sliding path is lower than the string).

You can read the full review of this model on the blogpost and watch the how to set up video.


How to build ?

You only need the parts and the instructions. You can purchase the PDF instructions on this shop which contains the partlist at the end, but you can check on Rebrickable or in the instructions preview below.

Important note : Please consider that this crossbow is a weapon and must be handle with care. Do not shoot against animal or humans or any sensitive area that can be damaged.


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