Galileo Clock

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A working LEGO Technic clock, based on Galileo escapement and knive edges suspension with 1.5sec pendulum. With a 60mm drop rate/hours and 72cm string, the clock can run for 12h.


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  • Working LEGO Technic Clock using Galileo escapement and knive edge suspensions
  • Two concentrically hands (minute and hours) and a small other hand (second)
  • 1.5s period pendulum (adjustable lenght)
  • Only composed of LEGO parts and designed for high efficiency and accuracy
  • Only the weight is not a LEGO parts (I use a 650gr bottle in the video)
  • 60mm drop rate/hours. Which means with 720mm of string and place below, it can run for 12h 

You can read the full review of this model on my blog.


How to build ?

You can either purchase the PDF instructions only on this shop and build it with your LEGO parts, or purchase the complete package including genuine LEGO parts plus PDF instructions, on Buildamoc shop

The instruction contains the partlist at the end, but you can check individually on Rebrickable, or in the instructions previews below.


About this product

Instructions preview

Setting the clock

This clock is a complicated mechanism, you have to pay attention to this tips before starting building your clock :

  • It is better to have already watch a mechanical clock to understand how it works
  • It is better if you have already build other big LEGO model with lot of gearing
  • Has a tiny but heavy bottle, in order that the bottle don’t touch the pendulum when it goes down. Of course you can use metal weight. Require weight is about 650gr with 50mm of maximum diameter
  • Building and make it works is a challenge, so don’t demotivate if it doesn’t work at first
  • Please watch the video below to set up the clock properly :

Then, note the building is composed of many moving axle and gears in the drivetrain. Please pay attention to not stress the gearing, axles and bushes, and bracing correctly each, in order to have free rotation on every axle to avoid problem of functioning. I highly recommend to use new parts, especially on the axle and liftarm and connector (or a silicone oil if you parts are too damage).

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