Trial Jeep

Trial Jeep features 4-wheel drive with fake V6 engine, ackerman steering, 5-link suspensions, opened bonnet and trunk and detailed interior.

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Trial Jeep
10,00  -Excl. Tax
A motorized LEGO Technic Trial Jeep, features 4-wheel drive with fake V6 engine, ackerman steering, 5-link suspensions, opened bonnet and trunk and detailed interior.

Preview of the instructions at the end of the article. Presentation Video (YouTube).

This jeep was built on a new concept for me. First the axles are not pendular but with a 5-link and shock-absorbers. The layout of the links of the suspensions is mainly inspired by Jovel’s work. Secondly, I completely re-built the axles to include two options of building : with or without differential. I was boring by the Trial Truck which did not turn because of the lack of differentials so I would like to test it. To finish, the design is based on my previous jeep but with the new panels and at a bigger scale. I have seen that jeep body is more appreciated than classic truck body.


The interior is detailed, for instance with a complete dashboard, seats, V6 engine placed under the bonnet and rear benches. I also include a fire extinguisher, tubular protections, antenna… In fact it is the most detailed trial truck I have done.


Concerning the climbing abilities : they are unexpected and very good. I thought that the differential will always slipped. In fact the suspensions are very good, which enable the wheels to be flattened on the ground. The slipping of the differential is consequently limited. The main advantage is the turning radius, as you can see on the video, it is very small, what enables the truck to have good turning abilities (also thanks to the ackerman steering). The gear reduction is 12/20 20/28 and 8/24 on portal axles. On the video, the battery box is a little bit tired.

Building Instructions

I have made pro building instructions using MLcad and Lpub, in fact this was my first lego instructions. As usual, you can buy it for 10€ and then download the instruction immediately.

Here is the complete bill of material in picture file :

But you can also checked it on rebrickable (or make any export you want)

Want to check before if you can build this moc ? The Trial Jeep has been indexed to, the webiste which matchs your parts with mocs ! (the first moc indexed to rebrickable !!)

You can buy the instructions with the following button for 10€. You can also buy other building instructions and get an automated discount. You will get 15% off for 2 PDF, and 20% off for 3 PDF on the total), available for all the instructions for sale on

See it on the shop :

Trial Jeep
10,00  -Excl. Tax
A motorized LEGO Technic Trial Jeep, features 4-wheel drive with fake V6 engine, ackerman steering, 5-link suspensions, opened bonnet and trunk and detailed interior.

After your payment, you will be redirected to a page for downloading your instructions, and will receive also the link to download by email. Please check the spam box and be patient to receive it. If you have trouble to download your copy of the PDF after payment or open the document, do not make a paypal dispute, please contact me using the contact form. The link to download the instructions expires within 24h. Contact me if you have lost your instructions. Note that you can print it, but not copy or distribute. Thank you for supporting my work 🙂

Here is some preview of the building instructions :



Want to slown down the steering or remove the differentials ? Here is some pictures to help you to modify the jeep :

If you find that the camber angle is too important in downhill, you can modify the portal hub with these instructions :

Designed in 2011

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    Hi nico,
    I am trying to make an 8×8 trial truck with drive, steering (only front four wheels to steer), winch (front and back) and full suspensions.
    I was wondering if you could send me some instructions for one, if you could that would be great,

    Very nice! I think you could make a larger body to make it prettier, but it looks good as this too… I don’t love this suspension system because the universal joints are under high torque, but I like the weight distribution that gives to the model a great balance.

    Super ton Jeep! Je viens juste de le terminer. Il roule à merveille! Merci pour les instructions!


    I 12 years old children and i building this moc with an other colers and i just add acessories go to my website and search Blacldino’s rc Trial Jeep Wilis

    hi nico i have successfully finished your jeep without the lift arms and it is very cool but i am making a new website and i’m wondering if i can put my version of your designs under your name on the site thanks.

    hi nico
    i am currently half way through building this jeep and and really enjoyed it however it has a huge challenge for me so far because i have had to redo a lot of it my own way because i only have the 8110 suspension and no lift arms but it is going well thanks

    Thanks Peter ! I am preparing the building instruction for the unimog V4, maybe you should be interested in ;). Regards

    Hi Nico,

    Finally I got the 5×7 liftarms, so the first thing to do with them was to build this jeep 🙂

    I enjoyed building the truck, you made a good instruction for it. It’s like in the old times of Lego by putting a lot of building steps on the same page, but on the other hand the result is much more then in official Lego creations 🙂

    The truck has an excellent design and frame! It looks great and has a good weight distribution! Modular building is the right way of making models.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us this awesome jeep!

    Keep up the good work

    Take care

    hi nico, I love this design, but why you uses everywhere
    the big motor of PF 😛 (i dont have it yet)
    magnific work follow on in 🙂 (my child loves your web)

    Yop Nico,
    Content de voir que tu as continué à faire des créations de plus en plus aboutie.
    Celui ci est vraiment impressionnant.
    Je pensais le faire, mais je me rends compte qu’il me manque une paire de pièce…
    J’avais acheté le #8258 il y a quelques temps, histoire de remettre le pied à l’étrier.
    Et pis la je viens de craquer pour le #8043.
    Si t’as le temps, tu pourrais me dire ce qu’il faut comme set pour completer les pièces manquantes.
    J’ai pas mal perdu niveau vocabulaire, donc pour un bon gros newbie, quels sets pourrait réunir les suspensions, et les suspensions ?
    Bonne continuation, j’espère qu’on se croisera à l’occasion. Moi je suis toujours sur Belfort, si tu passes, appelle, histoire de discuter un peu


    Hello, the links are 6-stud long. The main link (suspension wishbone) is 6.5-stud long but you can also use a 6-stud long. Thanks for you comment.

    I am thinking of building this model for my own pleasure but then stumbled upon a question for you. How long are the links? 5 stud or 6 stud length? Great model by the way. Keep up the amazing work!

    Thanks Nico for taking the time to create instructions. I just finished building it. It’s a very nice and tight build, with excellent playability. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing it with everybody.

    Hello, I am glad that you like. I will provide soon the .ldr fille and the html. file for part list.

    Hallo Nico,

    Great creation and great building instructions.
    Would it be possible to mail or to publish a xls or xlm file with the parts list. That easy for upload in bricklink


    thank you so much for the instructions!! , i’ve already made this nd taken the fake motor out of the front and put a winch on it 😛 .. AWESOME truck!

    Thanks for the instruction Nico! I will try to build it without the open center liftarms.

    It’s like in the old times: a lot of building steps on the same side. This is what a Technic fan needs!!! 🙂 If Lego would have released this instruction, it would be around 100 pages instead of 40 :))

    La maison mère m’a quelque peu remarqué, pour les briques, je ne serais pas ou les stocker ^^. Ce qui est sur c’est que je suis bien récompenser par mon succès lego, tu as du voir les pubs sur youtube et le compte pro, tout ceci me permet de monétiser mon travail. Sinon, l’amélioration continu des technologies est importante et surtout dépendante des nouvelles pièces. La Jeep n’aurait pas pu être fait il y a 4 ans. Pour comparer, mon premier unimog avait 1500pièces et pas de pont portique et des capacités limités de franchissement, aujourd’hui avec 1000 pièce, la Jeep a des ponts portiques, des suspensions libres, un design plus évocateur pour un poids plus petit ! Je suis content que tu apprécies mes créations. Si tu le souhaites, tu peux t’inscrire sur pour parler sur le forum en francais avec d’autre fou de lego 🙂

    Hi Nico,

    My english is short…alors je continue en français !
    En tant que Moceur de l’ombre, je ne peux que te complimenter devant tes créations et la technologie que tu déploies. Un tel travail est un véritable tremplin pour la maison LEGO…j’en serais le directeur commercial, je t’octroyrais prime et briques gratuites…
    Lire tes publications est un plaisir de tous les instants.
    Please : N’arrête jamais !

    hey man just wondering what wheels you are using on this model and how long roughly till you publish the instructions ?

    Hello, thank you. In fact I think that it is possible but you may lose all avantages of the frame 5×7 : rigidity, lighness and simplicity. I advice you to order 3 frames on bricklink or buy the #8258 because it is really nice and have an usefull bill of material. Regards.

    Hello Nico! I love your creations, and the fact that you publish instructions as well! 🙂 I plan to build this truck, however do you think the suspension can be made without using those special 5×7 open center liftarms?

    Nico, thanks for the reply. I’m really confused. When I click on the building instructions link for the yellow Jeep, it brings me straight back to the same page, the page simply reloads and I’m in the same place. If I use ‘Save Linked File to Desktop’, I get one of those html aliases instead of the file. I’m on a Mac, would that be causing issues?

    Sorry for the hassle.

    Hello Jacob. All links are good and active. To download or watch instructions :
    -if they is the PDF icon and a link : right click and save as (in fact you are curently downloading a high resolution PDF sized about 40mo)
    -if they is a link and ‘building instructions’ written : click and you will be redirected at
    Concerning the PDF, the question is very widespread, when you click on a PDF, don’t expect to have immediately because this is often a high size PDF so It cannot appear immediately.

    Love your creations.

    But I can’t seem to download ANY instructions from your site. The links are either inactive or they just hang.

    I assume you’re aware of this?


    Yes but, a gearbox is quite useless on RC truck, because we are not allow to touch the truck while a race.

    tu devrais mettre un icône ‘paypal donation’..

    afin que les personnes qui ont envie de faire un petit don pour tes ‘building instructions ‘ puissent le faire…


    The shop is not working at the moment and might not be launch in the future. I will post explication on eurobrick to explain why. In any case, I didn’t sell model but instructions.

    You said there were building instructions

    if you are still working on them than sorry for the question

    Great model, especially like the suspension.

    are you thinking about selling models on your shop?. if you are, I would buy this for a 100 euros.

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