New instructions for the Trial Crawler !

My Trial Crawler, a creation from 2012 has now its high quality PDF building instructions. It features drive, steering, winch, suspensions, gearbox, and fake engine.  Article and building instructions    

Monster Truck

A tiny monster truck, features all wheel drive and steering, torsion bar suspensions, changeable gear reductions and power source, and openable hood, with building instructions….

Lego Halo Warthog

A Lego Technic replica of the warthog from Halo licence, featured drive, steering, suspensions, lockable differential, turret and opening element….

Trial Mongo Heist Truck

A lego Trial Truck based on Mongo Heist Truck from Fast and Furious, features drives, steering, adjustable bodywork and two remote speed gearbox….

Wheeled Snake

Crawler wheeled snake features drive, steering, and 3 DOF articulated suspensions….