Trial Unimog V4

Trial Unimog V4, featured drive, steering, fake engine, opened doors and bonnet and very good climbing abilities !

The first Unimog I designed was in the 2008 and had good climbing abilities for his technology (no frame, no portal live axle and no panels). Today, my new unimog is far better and many things were improved.

  • Portal live axles : high ground clearance with strong and reliable axles
  • Reinforced hubs : thanks to a new design of hub, enables the truck to not have too camber angle in downhill
  • 94mm wheel : more ground clearance than the 81mm one
  • Double wishbone chassis : build around the battery box, which enables to have not lot of parts and a lower center of gravity, based on Jeep’s frame
  • Gear ratio : 12/20 and 8/24, 9 time faster than the first unimog, 3 timesfaster than the Jeep.
  • Ackerman steering : enable to turn with a smaller turning radius spite of the lack or differentials


Concerning the design, the cab is also new. It fits with the new scale and global design of U5000 series. The doors can be opened and the bonnet too. The fake engine is a 4-cylinder engine lengthways mounted (the first unimog had a crosswise engine, which was a mistake).


Regarding the climbing abilities : they are better than the jeep. Because of the lack of the differentials but the turning radius is bigger as wel. Here is a small board to compare Lego version angle and real unimog.

Real version VS Lego Version

  • Turning radius : 14.5m – 50cm
  • Weight : 11t – 1.2kg
  • Power : 180hp – 6W (0.008 hp)
  • Clibbing angle : 45° – 45° (100%)
  • Aproach and departure angle : 45° – 60°
  • Side Slope Angle : 38° – 45°

I have created the building instructions. You can watch them by browsing my webiste or

Download the high definition PDF building instructions. Trial Unimog V4 by Nico71 – 27 mo, PDF.

Want to check before if you can build the Unimog V4 ? The Unimog V4 has been indexed to, the website which matchs your parts with mocs !

Design in 2011

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    non è meglio montare un differenziale per ogni asse più uno autobloccante in mezzo??vanno meglio gli ammortizzatori della moto o quelli delle auto ???

    Hi Nico

    Do you think I can put a second XL motor in it without breaking the gearbox are the axle?

    If yes, where can I put it?


    Hi Nico, and thanks for the instructions. Stunning suspension and axles. Great project. Love the steering solution, even if not “orthodox”. It confirms your creativity. Best regards!


    why NO realistic Unimog-suspension? Why no ball-joints? 4 link isn’t the real unimog suspension!!! Regards, jeff55

    Hi Nico, Thank you so much for the instruction, I have just finished this model. It has an impressive look and works wery well! Thank you for sharing this creation with us!

    Keep up the good work!
    Take care

    Do you think it would be possible to add another XL motor, one for each axle? Keep up the great work!

    No problem, only 2 3-stud U join are required for the jeep especially for the front axle. The 4 other are for the drivetrain which can be replaced by 4-stud U join.

    To build the main gearing in the center of the unimog : page 16 and 17 in order to fix the 8-stud axle. Regards

    Hi Nico

    Do you think it’s possible to make a 6wd version of this by putting an exstra axle on the back ?


    It is not for sale, it is a own creation with my lego part. Please read the FAQ for more information. Regards

    Very nice model, it looks just great and very simple! This is, actualy, what attracts me most, as each brick (or axle, or liftarm) seems to be exactly on its place!

    just checked out your website.
    impressed all of your photografing the instructions of your very good looking MOCs! must be tedious work! that unimog looks very solid! you could easily sell your instructions, but choose not to.
    keep up the good work!


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