Jeep 4x4x4

A famous jeep in studless construction, features AWD, steering on each axle, fake engine and suspension.


The jeep is my first Trial Truck with rigid axles on flex system in live axle configuration. The suspensions aren’t pendular, they are mounted on shock absorbers and flex bar with 4-links floating axles. The Jeep is equipped with a XL motor to provide drive, and a M motor for the steering. The drive-train is basically composed of a center axle and lot of U-join. To discuss about clearing abilities and performances, it’s my first attempt with floating axle then the abilities aren’t very good. Because the axles have lot of swinging, that it causes lot of power lose. I think it’s due to the 4-link axle. Maybe it deserve more strap to have more rigidity.

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Designed in 2009

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    […] because of the lack of differentials so I would like to test it. To finish, the design is based on my previous jeep but with the new panels and at a bigger scale. I have seen that jeep body is more appreciated than […]

    I’am sorry I don’t, The moc is dismantled. In any case, it was no really efficient. I suggest you should have a look on my unimog V2 or V3. Regards

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