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Porsche 911 63′

My first supercar, based on 8145 inventory with some other parts. It’s equiped with independant suspensions, steering with HOG, fake boxer 6 engine and opened bonnet and doors.


Industrial References SVAB Hydraulik AB – Designing and building a Lego replica of a Tiltrator : multi-axis bucket tools for an excavator – 2011 Rio Tinco Alcan – Reckoning a Lego self-propelled wheeled deck for...


TTools By Nico71 TTools is a simple web software which calculates some usefull data for TruckTrial and Lego vehicles. Follow this link : TTools By Nico71 Current version : 2.1 06th December 2012 Last Update :...

About Me

I am a independent Lego Technic Designer who creates machines, devices and vehicles. I propose also a design service for companies, to create Lego Technic model of a product, for display, training or events.  -Me,...

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