Lego computer : Digicomp

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10 Responses

  1. forever forgotten says:

    Now lets see you make windows 95 into LEGO. XD

  2. Nico71 says:

    The pdf link works good. Maybe a problem with your navigator ? ( download a bit longer, try crigh click, save as)

  3. Nico71 says:

    Sorry not, the model is taken apart. Regards.

  4. Jules Verne says:

    Do you think that you could make building instructions with more steps?

  5. naxa says:

    awesome! but pdf link went down! could you please reupload?

  6. frius says:

    Your Awesome.

    Keep on going.

  7. Randy says:

    I had the original toy in 1969. I learned about binary
    Numbers and simple calculations before I was 12 y.o. good job!

  8. Parker says:

    This is very amazing. You always come up with the amazing things that look complicated and still work perfectly.

  9. Bob Roswell says:

    Would you take a commission to build the Digicomp I and ship it to my computer museum?

  10. flo44 says:

    bonjour est ce que il existe un site pour construre en 3d sur l ordinateur.
    merci de me donner un site .

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