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The Digicomp was a mechanical computer sold as a plastic toy in 1963, capable to count, multiply, divide, depending of how it is programmed. Here is a functional replica in LEGO Technic.


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This LEGO Technic “computer”  is composed of :
  • Clock
  • Operating Wires
  • Bits (3)
  • Sense Wires
  • Program
The clock is operated manually. It is composed of two sliders which surround the rotating actuator wires, its role is to operate the rotating actuator wires, depending of two variables : the bit-value and the program. You can program it by putting or removing some parts on each input (2 inputs), and then operate by moving the clock, the machine will read the input value and then operates depending of the truth table you set, then it gives you the result (one output) in binary. 

You can read the full review of this model on the blogpost.


How to build ?

If you have already the parts : you can purchase the PDF instructions only on this page and build it with your LEGO parts. The instruction contains the partlist at the end, and you can check individually on Rebrickable, or in the instructions previews below. The instructions also includes basic programs to create and run : Binary Counter (up and down), and Guess The Day.

If you do not have the parts, you can purchase the complete kit from two different retailers :


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