Lada Niva

My first attempt to create a no-truck trial truck without Universal join, only gears. Features drive, steering, suspensions and fake engine. Including building instructions.


The Lada is equipped with full pendular suspensions with shock absorbers. The axles are built with gears, without U-join, because I have slitted my U-join 3L after I created a Truck with it. So I decided, to save my parts, that I build the truck trial only with gears.


A XL motor, placed on the rear drives the four wheels. The steering is directly operated in the dashboard by a M motor. The wheel steering is also driven by the M motor. The fake engine L4 is placed on the front, under the bonnet and is connected to the wheels. It has also a 2-speed gearbox. A least, the doors and the bonnet can be opened. The clearing abilities are good but the moc is quite heavy, so it has friction on the axle steering, spite of a good clearance and departure angle.

The building instructions are available. You can watch them by browsing my website or

Download the Zip Archive of the Lada Niva’s instructions, 5 mo, ZIP.

Designed in 2010

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    can you do any other instructions not just random ones
    like on of axel and then body we need it like step by step

    can you make instructions for the front axle as i think it would be really good on a truck i am making at the moment
    i did try making it from the pics but my skills at that are not very good (i am only 12 😉

    ton lada niva 4×4 et tres bien fait!! ouah!! quel chance d’avoir les pieces pour sa wow!

    merci mais je nai pas les bonne pieces pour le construire
    et méme pas les bonnes pieces pour la system de direction.

    Bonjour, je te laisse regarder les instructions des différents trucks que j’ai fais pour comprendre comment sont fait les essieux. Je te conseille la “Trial Jeep

    slt nicolas je me demande comment fair system lego pour un 4×4 coment faire une system de tourner les roues avant

    merci en avance 🙂

    Hello, at the moment it is the Trial Jeep but soon I will release a new truck : unimog V4, the best I have ever made. Regards

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