A lego technic replica of the warthog from Halo licence, featured drive, steering, suspensions, lockable differential, turret and opening element.

Some month ago, I have bought 8 xerion’s tires on bricklink, in order to make big scaled vehicule. I have started to use with a 8×8 exploration vehicule, but finally make a space lunar rover, and then reuse the tires from an other project : a warhtog from halo license.


The drive is operated by two XL motor with differential on each axle. Each motor is connected to one axle. Thanks to the all wheel steering, there is no need to have a central differential. The drivetrain is different than other supercar because of the space between the suspensions. Consequently I use standard portal hub with 8/24 gearing reduction and two iscolating bevel gear for the fixation in the chassis. It explain why the differential is not located between the suspensions.


The differential can be locked using a M motor with drives a lever and connecting rod which push and pull a lever connected to the changeover catch of the differential. This solutions is pretty handy because of the space integration in the chassis but also because it is well playable when the wheel slip.


The suspension are made with independant double wishbone suspensions like on the Warthog in Halo 4 but not as the previous with oscilating longitudinal suspension. Even if it would have not been enough rigid to enable correct driving.


The steering is operated by a servo-motor located between the seats, and operates the two axles thank to 16/16 gearing and rack and pinion. It ensures a good turning radius and no need for a central differential. The steering whele is not connected to the steering due two the lack of space because of the bodywork.


Some words about the bodywork. I have tried to reproduce the complex shape of the bodywork, including the hood, mudguard, roof and particular shape of the side panel with multiple orientation. At final, I am pretty happy of the solutions because of design but also because the fixations are solid. The warthog can be easily take by the roof without taken apart.


Regarding the opening parts. The hood can be opened to show the hydrogen engine (no fake engine from lego) and behind a other panel to show the lipo battery. At the rear, the trunk can be opened to show the IR receiver, turret and there are also small jerrycan which can be removed. Note that the trunk is locked in position using towballs.


To finish with the turret, it is operated by a M motor located inside, the tripple can is moved in rotation and the movement is also transfer underneath with a worm gearing (1/8) which drives a lever and connecting rod, attached to a lever with 24t gearing on the turntable. Thanks to that, when the turret is operated, the canon rotates but the turret also oscillate from left to right.

Or course the interior is also equipped with seat and dashboard in order to fit with the original one. Regarding the color sheme, I have chosen to make it black (even if the “real” warthog is dark green) with some addition of lime on panel. You can easily changed these parts for any other color (orange, blue and so on.).

I have made the building instructions as a photo sequence of dismantling. You can download it for free here or browing the low definition here : LegoWarthoginstructions.pdf

Want to know if you can build the Halo warthog ? The HaloWarthog  has been indexed to rebrickable, check it !

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