The digicomp was a mechanical computer sold as a plastic toy in 1963. Capable to count, multiply, divide, depending of how it is programmed.
This computer  is composed of :
  • Clock
  • Operating Wires
  • Bits (3)
  • Sense Wires
  • Programm
The clock is operated manually. It is composed of two sliders which surround the rotating actuator  wires, its role  is to operate the rotating actuator wires, depending of two variables : the bit-value and the programme.
The grey plate represents a binary digit : a bit It can slide to indicate two values, 1 or 0. The two rotating actuator wires operate the digit. One to move to 0 and one to move to 1 (set and reset). In normal functioning : nothing happens but when a rotating actuator wire is slightly pushed, the clock moves entirely the wire and the value of the digit changes.
The key is to slightly push the actuator wire when the value of the bit needs to be modified The key is this device : the sense wire. It enables the machine to read the programme and the value of bits and allows binary operation. The sense wire is connected to the actuator wire thanks to a fork. If the sense wire moves, the actuator wire moves too.
The key is to allow or forbid the movement of sense wires : thanks to the programme. The red joiner represents the programme. It is a stop for the sense wires. When it is behind the sense wires, the sense wire cannot move, the actuator wire cannot move and the value of the bit is not modified. When it is not behind the sense wires, the sense wire can move, the actuator wire is slighly pushed by the sense wire and the value of the bit is modified.
To understand more presicely, watch the video with an example of program :
The digicomp can be programming for many things, couting, dividing, even playing game, in three bits.

Purchasing the creations or the instructions

You can purchase either the whole creation on the website mochub, or just the building instructions. Regarding the building instructions, you can download one version as a photo sequence for free or buying a other one which looks more Professional with rendering step by step instructions with bill of material at each step.

Want to buy this creation ? The digicomp has been indexed to mochub and are for sale at $339.95. The whole package included the parts, and the Pro rendering PDF building instructions.

Building instructions

Concerning the building instructions, I have took picture during the taken apart, and Kevin William has made the instructions for me with very high quality of image and building including some program to run at the end (count up and down, guess the day…)

Therefore I can propose you a free instruction as a photo sequence, and a for sale one with digital rendering building instructions.

Digital Rendering Building Instructions

Here is the Bill Of Material as PNJ file :

Want to check before if you can build the Lego Computer ? The Digicomp has been indexed to, the website which matchs your parts with mocs !

By using the next up paypal button, you will get the pro-building instruction in PDF for 10€.

- Get the building instructions for 10€

After your payment, click on “return to MocShop” and wait for the redirection, you will be redirected directly on the PDF file. If you browser can read the PDF, please wait until the end of the download (it can take some minutes) and after save it on your computer. Please Note that this page will be opened only one time so please be patient to download and saves you copy of the PDF. If your browser can not read the PDF, you will be ask to save it directly on your computer. If you have trouble to download your copy of the PDF after payment, please contact me using the “About Page”.

Note that you can print it, but not copy or distribute. Many thank you for supporting my work :)

Sample of instructions :

Photo Sequence Instructions

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