42082 Model C Wheel Loader

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3 Responses

  1. Mikko Kuusisto says:

    Really nice alternate model!
    My son just finished building this
    Only problen is that main 2 actuators are binding badly, maybe just too complex drivetrain?
    Otherwise real nice!

  2. TheDaft says:

    I bought the Lego Crane 42082 a few weeks ago and saw afterwards that this model C was available: I just finished building it yesterday (after building model A of course): It’s such a beautiful piece of machinery, thank you Nico71 for this model and the free pictures! It’s sometimes challenging to build it without mistakes but overall it’s fun! I remarked one “error” in the picture (in addition to the one indicated in picture 589) but can’t remember it anymore šŸ™

  1. 03/11/2018

    […] more to see of Nico’s brilliant telehandler at his website, where if you own a 42082 Rough Terrain Crane set and fancy building this C-Model for yourself you […]

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