42082 Model E – Offroad Truck

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An alternate model of the #42082 Lego Technic set, featured 4×4 drivetrain with fake V8 engine, steering with steering wheel, lockable leaf suspensions, motorized outriggers, manipulator crane and two side ways tipper, with openable elements (hood, doors, compartments for pads and toolboxes).

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  • All wheel drive connected to the fake engine under the hood (no motorized)
  • Steering with hand of god and return to steering wheel in the cabin (no motorized)
  • Front and rear leaf axle using axle (lock pin available to secure the position for long display)
  • L motor and battery box to power the crane/tipper/stabilizers functions though multiple gearboxes
  • Rotation of the crane using worm screw (motorized)
  • Two section crane arm using linear actuators (motorized)
  • Second arm section can be extended though a friction knob and rack / pinion (manually)
  • Tipper can be lifted in two way (rear or side) using lockable pins and small linear actuator (motorized)
  • Stabilizers can be extended using gearing (motorized)
  • Openable elements for playing : doors, engine hood, side pads, tipper elements, and toolboxes

You can read the full review of this model on my blog.


How to build ?

Using Genuine LEGO Parts : If you own the 42082 Lego Technic Set – Rough Terrain Crane, you can build this creation without any additional parts. You only need to purchase the instructions on this page. You can check the exact bill of material on rebrickable or in the instructions previews below.

Using non-Genuine LEGO Parts : This model is available on LesDiy Store in a complete package, including the parts (alternative bricks from China) and PDF Instructions (the same as on this page).

You can also purchase the instructions in bundle with my other 42082 alternate models on my website and have a discount.


About this product

Instructions preview

Please use the orange bush to lock the suspensions when you display the model for a long time to prevent the wear on the axle.

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Model Size

55x25x32cm, 1/10-11 Scale


All, Alternate, Truck




Yes (w/o drive)

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PDF Instructions (686 pages / 228mo)