Vertical Pneumatic Engine

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A LEGO Technic simple Pneumatic Engine which runs with two pumps, unmodified switch and cylinder. Available in three versions, depending of the air supply you want. A perfect creation for entering in the LEGO Pneumatic Engine world !


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How it works

The engine is powered by a single pneumatic cylinder, which acts on a crankshaft to power the flywheel with 5:1 gear ratio, and an other crank to operate the switch accordingly. The flywheel helps to overcome the deadpoint of the switch, where no air goes in or out the switch, by bringing to the system inertia. The sliding connecting rod mechanism to operate the switch helps to reduce this moment to the minimum by having a large displacement of the rod comparing to the needed movement on the switch. It results in a pneumatic engine which runs smoothly at max 100rpm with any unmodified switch or cylinder, in a lovely steampunk design, powered by 2 pumps as the air supply. Speaking of the air supply, this creation is available in three versions  : no pump (you need to have your own air supply), 2x LEGO pump and 2x LEGO pump in handpump (better grip).

You can read the full review of this model on my blog.


How to build ?

You can either purchase the PDF instructions only on this shop and build it with your LEGO parts, or purchase the complete package including genuine LEGO parts plus PDF instructions, on Buildamoc shop in the Handpump version.

The instructions are delivered in three different versions :

  • No pump (you need your own source of air : compressor of bike pump / 2-3 bars)
  • 2x Lego pumps
  • 2x Lego pumps in handpump (better grip)

Each instruction contains the partlist at the end, but you can check the 2x pump version on Rebrickable (2x pump), or in the instructions previews below (three versions).


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17cm (L) x 23.5cm (H) x 12cm (W)


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3x PDF Instructions (about 69 pages / 20 mo)
3x Bill of Material (PDF+ CSV)