Peugeot 205 GTI

A Peugeot 205 GTI made out Lego Technic, featured suspensions, steering with hand of god, opening doors, trunk and hood, with detailed engine, interior and custom stickers. Available in three colors (Red, White and Black) with building instructions.



Direct purchase of the instructions (available in three colors)

Peugeot 205 GTI
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A Peugeot 205 GTI made out Lego Technic, with independent suspensions, steering with hand of god, opening doors, trunk and hood, with detailed fake engine, interior and custom stickers. Available in multiple colors.

Preview of the instructions at the end of the article. Presentation Video (YouTube).


Creating a replica of the Legendary Peugeot 205 GTI was on my plan for a long time. After completing the Citroen 2CV and Mehari, I wanted to reproduce more car with the 43mm tires as I though this small scale fits well the purpose of this creation : creating a affordable and detailed replica of iconic car, in order to propose it for car enthusiast. I did it with the Fiat 500 and it’s now Peugeot’s turn to be replicated in Lego.


This car is very iconic, especially in France. It was the answer to the Vokswagen Golf GTI from Peugeot. It came first with a 1.6l 105hp, then with a more powerful 1.9l 130hp for 880kg. Combining with a sport design with black trim, new wheels and GTI inscription, it makes a very fun car to drive and have strong performances for its time. The 205  is also popular thanks to the rally version, the T16. Peugeot drivers Vatanen and Timo Salonen won seven out of the 12 rounds to give Peugeot its first manufacturers’ title in 1985. You can see it in action, from a blessed rally time, with other very iconic car such as the Audi Quattro :



This tiny vehicle is packed with different functions, such as suspensions, steering, and openable elements. The front suspensions are double wishbones with dissembled spring from the 76138 parts, where the original car have MacPherson suspensions.  I have chosen this solution because of the available space, I could created a MacPherson strut but I preferred to tazke a simple solution to keep the price as affordable as possible. This solution, combined with the track width does not authorise to have a front drivetrain, that is why the engine is only for decorating. The rear suspensions are, as real, composed of independent trailing-arm with shock absorbers, which bring more space between, for the back seats.



The steering is fairly standard but differs from my previous small scale cars. Indeed, I can not use the classic solution (9l connecting rod) I have made on the Citroen 2Cv or the Fiat 500 because the track width were bigger. So I used two 6l connecting rod which connect to the same center pivot on the steering lever. Then, the axle goes in the chassis where a bevel gearing bring the motion to the Hand of God on the roof. I have not succeeded either to add a working steering wheel because of the available space, so I preferred to have a hand of god which is more playable. This hand of god can be removed easily from the roof to be store in the trunk.


To finish with the functions, the doors can be open, revealing a detailed interior with seats, dashboard, back seats and the famous “red carpet”. The hood can be opened, revealing the (fake) detailed engine with the intake cover, cylinder head, and a battery. The trunk can also be opened to store the Hand of God.


Even if the car is small in Lego Technic, the design was an important things. It had to mimic closely the iconic elements and the proportions to be recognizable, even at small scale. So I work on the proportions and their perception, for instance with a lot of cheese slopes to have the correct shape on the rocker panel, and the front and rear bumper. 

The headlights were the most complicated things to replicate on this car, because of the particular shape of the front one, and the proportions of the rear one. The front one is composed of cheese slope in transparent to create the shape near the grill, and uses upside down headlight brick in transparent to fix the different elements. The rear one is more classic, using plates, slopes and tiles but are not exactly accurate to the original. They should be narrower and less height, but it is a compromise due to the Lego elements.


Since the Fiat 500, I work hard on the surface finish, to avoid the hole or strange pin/ axle color. For instance, I used tiles to cover the holes, or chose the correct orientation of the connectors and beams to have clean and smooth surfaces (on the roof for instance). As the scale is small, it has to be as clean as possible to avoid the distraction to recognize the car. That is why I used elbow, wings and tiles on the C pillar to have the correct shape.

The interior had the same approach. As I could not reproduce the details only with technic parts, I used plates, tiles, slopes etc to create the correct shape. It is clearly visible in the dashboard for instance. It is one of the reason why I can not connect the steering wheel to the steering arm with a strong building so I preferred a more detailed one.


To finish, as I did for my Honda S2000, the car is covered with stickers. With the help of Forwart Sticker, he created a custom sticker sheet which fits very well the exterior of the car, with Peugeot emblem on the front and rear, GTI logo for the side, side strips, and even two stickers to choose the size of the engine (1.6 or 1.9). The interior has also some stickers, with a dashboard, wheel steering GTI logo, and three vents controls, based on the 1.9 interior.


There are some things which could be better as explained before, but I am very satisfied with the design and the functions of this car. The sticker helps a lot for sure, it brings the final touch to have a nice and affordable scale model of the Peugeot 205 GTI.

Pictures and Video

Dimensions : Scale : 1/13.5, Wheel : Ø43mm, 28cm (L) x 14cm (W) x 11.5cm (H)

Purchasing the creations or the instructions

As the previous small scale vehicle I did, of course I have to create building instructions, but I wanted as usual to propose different colors, that is why I have created three different versions based on the available parts and color : red, white and black. These versions are proposed for sale at Buildamoc in a complete package which includes the Lego genuine parts, the building instructions in a PDF, and the sticker sheet. You can only purchased the instructions if you want on my website (see building instruction section below).

buildamoclogoWant to buy this creation ? The Lego Technic Peugeot 205 GTI has been indexed to Buildamoc and is for sale. The whole package included the Lego genuine parts, the sticker sheet and the Pro rendering PDF building instructions.

Building Instructions


The instructions are 132 pages, for 985 parts, step by step high resolution (300DPI) computer generated instructions with partlists, flexible parts, part annotations, in the same way as the official Lego one. In my quest of making better and better instructions, I have included this time the sticker in the instructions to shown where to apply them. They are tiny so I recommend to use a small pliers and to not shaking ! You can buy the sticker sheet on Forwart’s Store.

Regarding the bill of material, you can checked the exact bill of material for each version on Rebrickable and export in whatever format you want :

You can buy the instructions with the following button for 7.5€ excluding tax. You can also buy other building instructions and get an automated discount, you will get 15% off for 2 PDF, and 20% off for 3 PDF on the total). The automated discount is available for all the instructions for sale on

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Peugeot 205 GTI
7,50  -Excl. Tax
A Peugeot 205 GTI made out Lego Technic, with independent suspensions, steering with hand of god, opening doors, trunk and hood, with detailed fake engine, interior and custom stickers. Available in multiple colors.

After your payment, you will be redirected to a page for downloading your instructions, and will receive also the link to download by email. Please check the spam box and be patient to receive it. If you have trouble to download your copy of the PDF after payment or open the document, do not make a paypal dispute, please contact me using the contact form. The link to download the instructions expires within 48h. Contact me if you have lost your instructions. Note that you can print it, but not copy or distribute. Thank you for supporting my work 🙂

Here is some preview of the building instructions :