Mini Trial Truck 6×6

My first attempt to build a mini-scale truck trial, features drive and steering. Including building instructions.

Mechanics is very simple. A M motor drives worm gear on 24t for propulsion (with 12/12t bevel gear for steering). Steering is operated by a M motor with worm gear on 8t and rack pinion. All suspensions are  pendular (width axis for front and length axis for rear). Clearing abilities are very good for this scale

Building instructions for the front axle :

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    I’m building this with the instructions that you gave I’m building the rest of the body and I’ll try to upload to YouTube when I am done,

    please make the rest of the instructions i am 11 and i realy want to make one i amde one of yours it smashed it in a role and u took the instrictions off and u realy dissapointed me buy that

    No I haven’t got them, the truck is dismantled. In any case, if a buidling instruction doesn’t appear on my webiste, I don’t have them. Regards

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