A new tool

A new tool has been added to the tools page : WinchTools. WinchTools is a simply software which calculates some useful date about winch and pulley system. The aim is to calculate the maximun load on the hook with the parameters of your construction, including : motors, gears, diameter of winch, pulley system, weight of hook… Efficiency of drivetrain is managed, the available torque is reduced when you use worm and knob gear (lost power). I hope this software will be helpful for the crane builders to calculate speed, load, torque and so on.


Winchtools by nico71 – Current version : 1.0 june 2010

If you have comment, question of suggestion, feel free to comment in this post, It will be very helpful if you can suggest me some ideas or some new features. And to finish, I plan to create an other software to help builders to design the weight and counterweight of crane (in order to have an representation of load and torque on the superstructure), Winchtools only works on winch, not on structure of crane (boom, jib, lift ans superlift).