WinchTools is a simply software which calculates some usefull data about winch and pulley system. It is basically designed for cranes.      

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Choose your motor(s)
XL M NXT RC 71427 47154 Old 9V Quantity
Choose your gears Choose your battery
9V (Alkaline)
7,2V (NiMH, NiCd)
Worm and knob gears reduce the efficiency and the torque
Choose your dimensions
Winch diameter (middle) : mm
Weight of the hook : g
Number of Strand :

The number of strand (on the pulley system) increases the maximun load but reduces the speed.
The tension is uniform in the rope.

On the example, there are 5 strands

Speed and Torque
Ratio : Motor speed in charge : rpm
Linear speed of winch strang : cm/s Torque on winch :
Linear speed of hook : cm/s Stalled torque on winch :
Maximun load on winch (primary tension) : N
Maximun load on hook (weight): kg
Vertical Load that the boom must support: N
Note : the maximun load of the hook is the maximun weight that the winch can lift, but be aware that this weight causes a high torque on the superstructure of your machine, especially if you have a long boom or jib (in case of cranes).
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