Wheel Loader : New Building Instructions

Here is a pro-building instructions of my wheel loader. Powered by Lpub4.0 and SR3D, the primary .mpd was built by blakbird, weel known for his renders.


6 month ago, Blakbird published the renders of my wheel loader with a .mpd, I rebuilt my loader with the pictures I took during the disassembly. Today, using Lpub4.0 and SR3D Builder, I have managed to build the pro-building instructions (about 50hrs).

I have created the building instructions. You can download here [shop].



Want to check before if you can build this moc ? The wheel loader PFS has been indexed to Rebrickable.com, the website which matchs your parts with mocs !


Designed in 2010

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    Hello! Very good model! I just finished it! I really appreciate your work! I’m not very creative but I like to build Lego Technic Models. I’m 48 years old and appreciate creativity of younger people! Thanks!

    It’s normal, The size of the PDF is 32mo, so before PDF appears in your browser, the browser have to download the 32mo. If you don’t want to wait (10min I think), right click on the icon and Save Files As on your computer.


    why I can’t see any of you building instructions in PDF.
    If I click on them; nothing happens.
    Do you have any idea, or can you send the instructions in pdf, because I like your creations.

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