The smallest forklift that I have built, features drive, steering, lifted and tilted fork. Including pro-building instructions.


The aim was to built the smallest forklift features all functions. A XL motor drives the front wheels with a 8/24 and 20t on differential. The use of new frame enable to have a strong building, without creaking sounds. The steering is operated by a M-motor, with a worm gear and clutch. I have chosen the single steering wheel in order to have a very small construction. Therefore, the frame measures 12cmx17cm. The tilting of the fork is operated by a M-motor with worm gear and a clutch. The fork is build on a variation of the fork of the 8416 set. Mine raises the fork at 24cm. I have tried to keep in mind to have a good design with yellow panels and I think I succeed, the forklift truck is small and very playable.

About the building instructions, I have drawn the forklift on SR3D builder, then I created the instructions with mlcad and Lpub4.0, the renderer is Ldglite. The result is a success, make building instructions become easier with SR3D and Lpub4.0, what encourage me to make more building instructions (as you can notice).

You can watch them by browsing my webiste or

downloading the high definition PDF. Forklift Truck 13 mo, PDF.

ERRATUM : please watch this before step 28, 4 parts are missing

Brickshelf gallery :

Part list PDF – 0.6mo : Download Part list

Designed in 2010

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