Ural TT 4×4

A small Trial truck, but a working TT ! Features drive, steering , suspensions and fake engine. Including building instructions.


The truck is equipped with a XL motor for propulsion with 8/24, 12/20, 8/24 reduction. The steering is operated by a M with clutch system. The suspensions are pendular suspensions with shock absorbers on the rear and without on the front (free pendular). To talk about clearing abilities, there are good, worse than a big trial truck causes of ground clearance and wheel diameter but good ! The building instructions are available on my brickshelf folder.

I have created the building instructions. You can watch them by browsing my webiste or

Download the Zip Archive of the Ural Truck, 10mo, ZIP.

Designed in 2009


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    Can you post the instructions for the middle part of the chassis? In the image sequence, one of the steps is to put together this giant part of the chassis, and it doesn’t tell how to build that part. Regards.

    Good job! Nice truck! Do you have the list of the parts to build it? This MOC is not on Rebrickable, right? Thank’s for your help.

    Can you take a picture and send me to my email ? I think you don’t have built correctly, the steering works perfetly on this Truck.

    i had trouble with steering part seemed to be alot of friction between the crown24z and the doublebevel20z gears but i like it becuase its nice and compact

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