Road Service Unimog

A manual operated unimog, features steering, suspensions, fake engine, pneumatic arm and a skip. Based of new design of my old unimog.


This Moc is entirely manual operated. The steering is operated by the HOG on the top on the cab and the steering wheel turns with the wheels. The rear axle with differential drives the fake engine L4 placed under the bonnet. Front axle has independent suspensions with technic liftarm with connecting rog. And The rear axle is a rigid axle mounted on shock absorbers. The bonnet and the doors can be opened. The pneumatic arm is operated by 2 pneumatic cylinders. A technic cylinder 2×2 is used to turn the turntable. The pressure is given by a hand-pump placed on the left on the truck, such as an exhaust pipe. To finish, the Last section of pneumatic arm can be extended and the skip can be tilted thanks to a simple liftarm system.

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Designed in 2009

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