Manual Braiding Machine

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A LEGO Technic braiding machine, with three counter-rotating reels and a pulling system to create a braided bracelets, powered by a manual crank.


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How it works

The machine is composed of three important elements : the counter rotative reels, the spinning spinneret and the main pull system. The counter rotative reel is made with a fixed turntable gear, where a 20t gear rolls and transmits motion to the reels with a 12/20 gearing reduction. It enables to not use chain links and change the gearing depending of the used raw material.

The spinning spinneret is a 6-holes pulley which rolls on two bushes for bracing it. It forces the three reels to match together in one weaved braid. As the reels turn in another direction, they tend to unwind tightly on the braid so that it does not come apart. 

The  pulling system is made with gearing and a sliding worm screw on each side, which operates a 8t gear on racks. It enables to shift the moment when the pulling system starts relative to the rotation of the reels and avoid unbraided start on the final braid.

You can read the full review of this model on my blog, or watch the Design Secret video on YouTube to know more about the design process.


How to build ?

You can either purchase the PDF instructions only on this shop and build it with your LEGO parts, or purchase the complete package including genuine LEGO parts plus PDF instructions, on Buildamoc shop. 

The instruction contains the partlist at the end, but you can check individually on Rebrickable, or in the instructions previews below.

I recommended to use milled embroidery threads but you can test with any other raw material. You only need to change the gearing accordingly (spare parts included in the bill of material).


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33cm (L) (52cm unfold) x 16cm (H) x 12cm (W)


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