Pneumatic Vehicle

Features drive by a single cylinder engine, clutch, steering and front suspension.


This moc was designed to be shown at Fana’briques 2011, the most important lego exhibition in France. The aim was to built a “kinematic” moc in order to have parts in motion. The other aim was to have visible gears to get a more attractive vehicle. Consequently, the moc is powered by a single pneumatic cylinder engine which provides 1w of power (at 3 bars of pressure). The basic principle is based on old steam vehicles or tractors. Then, a remoted clucth by a small cylinder provides the power on the rear wheel (with the main chain). The steering is operated by the steering wheel in the cab with a 8t/screw and lever system (through the chassis). The front suspension is made with a flex part on a live axle. Finally I have had details like the centrifugal governor or the tank (which hides the Air-tank).


Concerning the driving, a hand pump with 4 pumps gives power to the engine. The engine runs smoothly thanks to the inertia wheel. The engine is quite reliable, during 3 days of exhibition, the engine have run without problem. Through this moc, I think the LPE moc is a good example for a demonstration of what it is possible to do in lego (such as in an exhibition).

The building instructions are available. You can watch them by browsing my website or

Download the Zip Archive of the tractor’s instructions, 6 mo, ZIP.

Designed in 2011

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    hi im Michael and I was just looking at the puenmatic vehicle and I wanted to know can I buy it from u or were can I buy it from.

    on the instrutions of the tracktor you hav poste also the parts there are required .
    can you do this also for this model
    I apologize for the errors
    if I should write in french pleas mail me
    greatins Floris Borremans


    I was wondering what goes to the back pneumatic switch because one of the “pins” on it has nothing on it.

    Is the large inertia wheel the skinnier version or the thick version. Please email me back THIS IS URGENT!

    Bascally :
    The pressure goes from hand pump to main switch.
    Pressure goes to main switch to air tank (lower end)
    Then pressure goes from the upper end of the air tank to the second switch (which control the cylinder)
    Then 2 hoses go from the second switch to the cylinder.

    beautiful model,but the instructions very leave to wish
    I do not understand like and where to connect the pneumatic hose leaving from the tank.
    you can send a clear scheme to me?
    many thanks

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