Pneumatic Tractor

A tractor powered by my LPE3i, features drive, gearbox and steering.


This moc was designed to test my LPE3i on the real machine. I have chosen this tractor because of this look and the features. The engine takes a big place in the moc. The gearbox is placed under the seat. The steering is operated by a lever with a connecting rod. Of course, the steering wheel operates the steering. To finish, the bonnet can be opened to show the big 9.5 cubic centimeter engine (awesome !). The performances are good, the engine works well and smoothly. The tractor is powered by a 4-pump hand pump.

Building Instruction of the engine :

Designed in 2010

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    hi i have built the pneumatic motor it works great now I’m trying to build the tractor but I do not understand how you’ve built the steering of the steering wheel off?because you can not see in the photos how the steering is set upplease can you give me an e you a construction manual or something to help you thank you:)

    hi please can you make a construction manual for the tractor? I would like to also build very happy and looks really nice:DDD

    Its just awesome!
    I’ll be very pleasd when you try to make some building instruction.
    Greetings Fubu

    would it be posible to add a pf motor to run compresors in order to have continuous suply of air for high and steady performance ? and do you know how many rpm could it produce ?

    Any chance you could find the time to re-assemble the tractor without the engine and add a parts list or instructions?

    The pulling force depends on nany parameterz : weight ? Bearing ? Wheel or tracked or grounded ? The pulling force has no sense but if you want figure, the “raw” force pulling (thether to a wall) is 5N so 500g in first speed.

    If you were to try and add a pneumatic compresser to this engine you might be able to get some better power out of it

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