New instructions !

Good news for you ! The thousand time asked moc : Braiding Machine and Pneumatic Tractor are finally available as building instructions !

All was possible, thank yo Alex, and afol (Afol1969), member of eurobrick forum. After having made my photo sequence instructions, he works on 3D modeling (with blakbird sometime) then on rendering of the building instructions and made it completely. That is why I can propose you today these two new instructions, made by alex, and with and excelent quality !

Thank you, alex, and Blakbird for working on my model 🙂

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    Yes this is it, you can see on the inventory of rebrickable. You can also use a more soft one like those on 8880 but not the black on

    Hello, Nicolas,

    On your Braiding machine, I see you use the yellow shock absorber. Is that a hard spring, 9.5L? Can you please clarify? Thank you.

    Hello, first of all, ensure you to have a correct swith, which can be operated smoothly, you have to swith it naturally without lot more friction. If not, try an other or put it in some silicone grease. For starting the tractor and set up the ignition point. Pump many time on the pump, then, launch the inertia wheel, if it doesn’t run, turn the yellow part of 180° on ignition parts, and repeat the operation until the motor starts.

    Iallready building the Hot bulb tractor (Lanz) but Can’t make it run. I tried a lot of different things to make it run, But nothing really works. AT least Not like IT was shon in the Video on YouTube.
    But nice to have IT anyway….

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