Morgan Three Wheeler

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20 Responses

  1. Joseph Hayden says:

    Awesome car, great model.
    I was wondering if you could sell me one built.


  2. Villardisky43 says:

    Please post it on LEGO Ideas ! 😀

  3. jelly says:

    good thanks for it

  4. Ronnie says:

    Hello Nico,

    Thank you very much for making these building instructions of the Morgan Supersport 1937.

    If have build your model for my 75 year grandfather for his birthday in white, he used to own a creme one in the 1950’s.

    I have mode some small changes with his model, a brown dashboard, gearbox and a chrome rollbar.
    Also I changed the rear lights, I have made them the back (you used 2 liftarms at each side 1×5) I have changed 1 liftarm into a 1×3 and above 2 connectors 1×3 with 2 round holes and 1 x hole to place the rear lights (indicator and brake).

    My grandfather is very happy with your model, and also on behalf of him, we thank you for this model.

    Currently, I am building my own red one.

    Ronnie 15 years, Amsterdam

  5. Max says:

    Where do you get the parts from?

  6. Max says:

    Can you tell me where you get all the parts from please, as i dont have all of the parts and i want to build the 3 wheeler asap, cheers

  7. Badger says:

    Astonishing design! These smooth curves look just great!

  8. Nico71 says:

    Of I want picture ! You modifications seem to be very interesting. 🙂

  9. Enrico says:

    First of all, I’d like to thank you a lot for sharing instructions for this wonderful model.
    I just finished building the car and it’s really impressive and fascinating.

    I just made some minor changes that, IMHO, make the model even better:
    1 – I used chromed parts (custom) to build motor and radiator, the final effect is wonderful!
    2 – I changed the technic connector and axles used to build the windscreen with a combination of windscreen 5x2x1-2/3 (part 6070) and Hinge cylinder + hinge Plate 1×2 to support it through the same axle (reduced to a 4 studs); the effect is awesome.
    3 – I used 8420 disk brakes for front wheels, much more realistic.
    4 – I used 2 Pins 3/4 (part 32002) between the side panels 1x5x11, to fix them better.
    5 – I changed the two soft shock absorber used for rear wheel with two hard one, due two short movement range of rear axle.
    The final model is really wonderful!
    If you like it, I can send you pictures of it.

    Thanks again

  10. romain says:

    comment fais tu pour faire des voitures télécommader ?
    Moi j’arrive a les faire avancer et reculer mais j’arrive pas a les faire tourner .
    Peut tu m’expliqué ?

  11. Nico71 says:

    Hello, Read the FAQ please. Regards

  12. Huy says:

    I really love your creations! I’m a novice lego builder and what I do is taking old lego parts to assemble a new model.

    How do you design your creations? Do you design them using LDD and then buy the bricks online to join them together ?
    There are like thousands types of bricks. How do you find the right ones? There are so many bricks in your models I’ve never seen in my life…

  13. romain says:

    ok d’accord

  14. Nico71 says:

    Non, comme expliqué dans la FAQ. 🙂

  15. romain says:

    salut tu vend le unimog u 500 ?

  16. romain says:

    magnifique !

  17. Raulrgp says:

    Fantastic moc Niko71, I finish build it and it`s amazing. Thank you for all your models.

  18. Nico71 says:

    You are always welcome David. Byes

  19. David Luders says:

    Thanks for making these Building Instructions!

  20. quincy says:

    I really appreciate the sense of humor you bring to your videos.

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