Integraph : Graphic Planimeter

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8 Responses

  1. ezra wolf says:

    hey i made 5 hours of trying to find ll of the pieces and the fact of biulding it and the prt that has the wheel and connects to the stylus will N O T work when i move it in ANY way i just popps off and breaks so please help me is the black part a wieght, does it need to be E X A C T L Y the sa,e as urs pls help me

  2. Nico71 says:

    Désolé non, ce n’est pas vraiment une notice mais plus des photos de démontage, donc pas de liste des pièces.

  3. Pierre ZARADER says:


    Un résumé des pièces nécessaires au montage est-il disponible comme pour le planimètre orthogonal?

    Merci d’avance.


  4. RobLars2302 says:

    In School, wie learnd last month about functions. The integraph is a very gold help! Thank you, Nico71! 🙂

  5. admin says:

    Hello, I will make picture instructions as soon as possible. Stay tunned onmy website 🙂

  6. Zebs says:


  7. Achour says:

    Quite impressive!
    I would be proud to be able to make such a contraption!

  8. miron89 says:


    Good job!

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