Group B Rally Car

A lego Rally Car inspired by 90′ Group B, featured all wheel drive, steering, suspension, fake engine and openable parts.


Since my previous rally car, I wanted to make a new version with 90’s design from the group B and fully manual. This car is equipped with all wheel drive transmission with V6 in rear position, steering with HOG and steering wheel, independent suspensions and openable parts such as the doors, bonnet and hood. I have also make many detail included the interior, seat, reinforced bar structure, turbo and so on.


I have use a special trick regarding the transmission. As the model is quite small, I can not use standard double U join to the axle because the axle would have been more wide. Therefore, instead of use a Ujoin, I use a ribbed hose to transmit the power to the wheel, as described on the official lego patent. Of course it can not pass many power but as the model is fully manual, it is not a problem. I have also use a special construction on the front axle with a connector perpendicular double 3L which enable me to have the differential more far from the steering rack. In normal construction, the differential obstruct the pass of steering rack, which cause many difficulty to place the steering rack. With that I can build in normal position for the steering rack enable to have a easy building.


Regarding the transmission, both axle from front and rear come through the differential which is connected to the fake V6 engine. A free 16t gear enables to pass the axle steering in. The steering is operated by a classic rack and pinion with a gearing to the steering wheel and a hand of god with 12/20 reduction, enables a good playing abilities.


Concerning the openable parts, I have make the doors which can be opened, the bonnet also with a special design to keep the left and right wing to be in placed inspired by 90′ car. The hood can be lifted to reveal the engine with turbo, radiator and exhaust. This part of design has been very hard to make, because of the fact that I want to the complete hood to be lifted, not only a rear windscreen. In result in a huge piece to be lift and remain stable with two sliding axle.


Regarding the building. I have put many effort to have correct design and shape inspired by group B rally car. That is why the front bumper can make think to the Audi Quattro, the rear with plunging shape to the Lancia Delta, and the left and right gap to the air radiator a Peugeot 205 T6 or Renault R5 Turbo. I have made also plenty of detail with a turbo and the rear connected to the engine and exhaust, double exhaust of course, red roll bar on the front and rear, dashboard and bucket seat, radiator, light and so one. I have also chosen the combinaison of yellow / white color to make a nice car inspired by Audi color scheme, and a red interior for the racing look.


I am quite satisfied by this car, the color scheme is very good and make sense with the 90’s design. The interior is nice to see with agressive red color, and there are many detail for racing abilities, also this is very playable with the hand of god !

Photos and Video

See it in action !

Building Instructions

I have made as usual building instructions, as a free photo sequence instructions. You can download in a PDF (13mo) or browsing on the blog.

You can check the bill of material on rebrickable !

Building Instructions Lego Technic Group B Rally Car.pdf (13mo)


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    Hello, no sorry, as written in the comment, I have only these picture which are dismantling picturing. I plan to make a V3 of this rally car but this is not done yet, maybe in 2021. Nicolas

    Hello if you read this message I would like to ask you why it is not done in the instructions of the chassis? it should be found somewhere in other files?

    Dear Nico,
    this car looks awesome! Also, great technical solutions. I will try to build it, as I should have most parts from my 42077 Rallye car and probably a lot of time in the next few weeks thanks to corona:/. Keep up the great work!

    Hello, thank you ! At this moment no because the moc is unbuild. But if someone rebuild in CAD model, I will !

    Hey super dope build!! Looove the retro look and color scheme. Was just wondering if you would consider making some instructions that are more step by step as opposed to the current ones. Would be a huuuuge help.

    Very nice car. To be honest, the basic shape of the body reminds me of a “Opel Kadett D” produced from 1980 to 1984. This car didn’t exist in Group B version, but the model shows what could have been.

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