GBC module : the wave

A module I designed for the french meeting setechnic 2010. Including free building instructions.

The functioning is very easy : the motor drives a worm gear with a 24t which drives another 24t. Two crank-connecting rod system give the wave movement to the main banister. A other crank-connecting rod system with a push bush operate the lifting of the drip tray. I have created the building instructions with SR3D builder for the building and Lpub4.0 to create the instructions. The result is great and readable, like official building instructions from Lego. If you have working trouble, lift slightly the drip tray (1 stud).

The building instructions are free to download :

Designed in 2010

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    Yeah I can’t get this to work, either. I changed out the 4 vertical shafts from 10L to 12L, but the bin/hopper binds up on the track (there’s no clearance or gap) and the timing of the track seems off. The crank that lifts the bin just jams over-Centre for me, too. Any ideas?

    Very good. I built it with a slight problem. I needed to use 2×12 axles for the far arch otherwise it is too short. It’s a very well conceived mechanism – very impressive. 🙂

    Hi! Nice module, very visual, i’ve located some errors in the instructions, but they are minor, as the 12 axles instead of 10 ^^ aso I’ve had to make two tooth offset to it to work properly.

    Thanks for the instructions, I hope that the instructions of my GBC module were abailable soon but i don’t know to use the cad programs…

    where do you get the balls from i am asking because i can not find these and i hawe built my own gbc

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