GBC module : the wave

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  1. Iain says:

    Yeah I can’t get this to work, either. I changed out the 4 vertical shafts from 10L to 12L, but the bin/hopper binds up on the track (there’s no clearance or gap) and the timing of the track seems off. The crank that lifts the bin just jams over-Centre for me, too. Any ideas?

  2. cameron says:

    very good. pls could u post instructions for other gbc modules

  3. WillPilgrim says:

    Very good. I built it with a slight problem. I needed to use 2×12 axles for the far arch otherwise it is too short. It’s a very well conceived mechanism – very impressive. 🙂

  4. Nico71 says:

    What doesn’t work ?

  5. pass21 says:

    It’s an good idea but this module does not work unfortunately.

  6. Hi! Nice module, very visual, i’ve located some errors in the instructions, but they are minor, as the 12 axles instead of 10 ^^ aso I’ve had to make two tooth offset to it to work properly.

    Thanks for the instructions, I hope that the instructions of my GBC module were abailable soon but i don’t know to use the cad programs…

  7. Nico71 says:

    I have bought it on

  8. jostein says:

    where do you get the balls from i am asking because i can not find these and i hawe built my own gbc

  9. Nico71 says:

    My pleasure, David !

  10. David Luders says:

    The GBC portion of the video starts at the 3:10 point.

    I just built this GBC module using the Parts List on Rebrickable: . Thanks for sharing, Nico71!

  11. niels says:

    you had the wrong video on this page

  1. 30/08/2012

    […] The instructions of the model are here. […]

  2. 23/04/2016

    […] Original Blog Article (English): here […]

  3. 23/04/2016

    […] Article original (Anglais): ici […]

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