Baja Truck

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6 Responses

  1. forever forgotten says:

    good job, the only problem i had was when i installed the servo motor, the rear suspension would not hold up, any advice?

  2. Juuso says:

    Thank you. I use pf motors and it is extreme truck

  3. NXT45 says:

    I like your site and I wish I could make this model but I do not have the parts to build it.

  4. DolCe says:

    This truck is awsome,what set`s do yo used

  5. thebob13666 says:

    Awesome truck. The only issue I had was that when you used the front suspension, the 2 red pieces holding the a-arms in the front would come off. Any suggestions?

  6. Akceptor says:

    Cool, I like it!

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