Here are the new building instructions of the LPE 3i with Lpub and thanks to Ansgar Mährlein.

As I have written in the review of the Lego Pneumatic Engine 3 In-line (LPE 3i), this is an engine based on the LPEpower works but rather modified. First of all, the pneumatic switches are new and not old which is better I think to rebuilt it. Secondly, the engine works without modifications (no drilling, no modified switch). The engine runs at 100 rpm without modifications but if you modifie it, it can run faster. Ansgar Mährlein has done the CAD model of the engine and created the building instructions therefore many thanks to him ! I have just added a connecting layout for the pneumatic hoses.

You can watch or buy the instruction here :

Want to check before if you can build the LPE3i ? The LPE3i has been indexed to, the website which matchs your parts with mocs !

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