Forest harvester with pneumatic arm, pendular front suspensions, steering, fake V6 engine and rotating turret. Second version is only built with 8436 parts.

Front suspensions are double axle suspensions, the rear axle is rigid and connected to the fake V6 engine. Flashing light is connected to the rear frame and steers it. The turntable is operated  manually. Pneumatic arm is made with 2 pneumatic cylinders. The first part on frame is composed of two liftarm parallelogram system and second with a classic claw. The second version of this moc was only built with 8436 inventory (follow the building instructions link). It’s also my first One-Set-MOC.

Building Instructions

I have made pro building instructions using MLcad and Lpub. As usual, you can buy it for 5€ and then download the instruction immediately. Here is the complete bill of material in picture file :

But you can also checked it on rebrickable (or make any export you want)

Want to check before if you can build this moc ? The Forest Harvester has been indexed to, the website which matchs your parts with mocs !

Please note that you have to add pneumatic hose and tyre which come from the 8436 lego set which are not represented in the instructions.

By using the next up paypal button, you will get the pro-building instruction in PDF for 5€.

- Get the building instructions for 5€

After your payment, click on “return to MocShop” and wait for the redirection, you will be redirected directly on the PDF file. If you browser can read the PDF, please wait until the end of the download (it can take some minutes) and after save it on your computer. Please Note that this page will be opened only one time so please be patient to download and saves you copy of the PDF. If your browser can not read the PDF, you will be ask to save it directly on your computer. If you have trouble to download your copy of the PDF after payment, please contact me using the “About Page”. Note that you can print it, but not copy or distribute. Many thank you for supporting my work :)

Sample of the instructions :

Designed in  2007

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