A motorized Christmas Santa Sleigh to wish you Merry Christmas !

This Christmas Santa Sleigh has been made for celebrating the 2015 year, as a gift to you, fan friends and followers ! That is why I have included also a complete buidling instructions with proffessional looking, in order to enable you to rebuilt it, this lovely sleigh with Rodolphe !


The functionning is basic, A M motor placed in the sleigh makes rotates lever which is connected to the frame. The whole sleigh plus reinder are mounted on beams and articulated frame, in order that when one goes up, second goes down. The M motor also drives the reinder thanks to U-join and makes rotate 4 lever which are connected to the legs. The kinematic of the legs is made with one lever, a swing L shaped beam, and two beams. This simplified configuration is inspired by work of Shadowfax lego based on  and the work of awesome Theo Jansen (the father of many kinetic animal).

Here is the gif result :


See it in video :

Purchasing the creations or the instructions

You can purchase either the whole creation on the website mochub, or just the building instructions here.

Want to buy this creation ? The Christmas Santa Sleigh has been indexed to mochub and are for sale at $249.95 . The whole package included the parts, motor and battery box, and the Pro rendering PDF building instructions.

I have spend many hours on MLcad to build the CAD model and Lpub to rendering the building instructions and after some pictures adjustment I was abbe to propose the instructions as a PDF, in 72 pages / 154mo  and 971 parts ! This building instructions was made to make possible the print after with a white background and high DPI definition in standard A4 size, that is why it doesn’t look like the Lego Official Instruction graphically. The bill of material can be download for free, and it is also available on rebrickable online (for matching your parts with the needed parts).

As usual, the building instructions is for sale for 10€, by using paypal. Not a free photo sequence this time because the construction is quite simple and available pictures are enough to rebuilt it for advanced builder ! For the beginner or for those who want to support my work, thank to use the paypal button and thank you :)

By using the next up paypal button, you will get the building instruction in PDF for 10€.

- Get the building instructions for 10€

After your payment, click on “return to MocShop” and wait for the redirection, you will be redirected directly on the PDF file.

If you browser can read the PDF, please wait until the end of the download (it can take some minutes) and after save it on your computer. Please Note that this page will be opened only one time so please be patient to download and saves you copy of the PDF. If your browser can not read the PDF, you will be ask to save it directly on your computer.

If you have trouble to download your copy of the PDF after payment, please contact me using the“About Page”.

Note that you can print it, but not copy or distribute.

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