You can now buy my creations !

Always ask for buying my creations ? Now you can, with the new service Mochub !

I have always wanted to give you building instructions for my creation, and since 2015 I decided to sell some of them which require lot of work. There are therefore more than 100 instructions for free and some for sale. But you have been many to ask if you can buy the whole creation, including parts and instructions. Of course I could not because this is my own collection and if I sell it, I have not enough part to continue my lego aventure.

But now, you can ! Thanks to the new service Mochub from the Hungarian company “We love what you build“. This company is a 7 years old company with 9 employees who have a bricklink and brickown store. They handle many order every day, and has launched the new service Mochub.

“On Mochub, creator can sell their design, fans can buy it !”

This new service enables to each creator to uplaod their creations and ask for a quotation to the mochub service. Then Mochub send a report with the cost, shipping fees, recommended retail price and your commission. Thanks to that, creator can sell their design, but fans can buy it !

Here is the point, now you can buy some of my creations. I have selected some of my most instructions-sold creations to propose you. Of course the price is more expensive that the lego shop equivalent but because depends of the price of parts on bricklink. But it enables you to not have to make many bricklink order with shipping cost with the risk to forget parts if you have ordered it by yourself (and personally order on bricklink is quite a mess to find all I need ! Some people like it, but definitively not me ^^)

Here is a complete solution, for a small extra cost (or nothing compare to multiple order from bricklink), you can afford you creations from your favorites builders !

“No need to multiple order on bricklink, only one order for one creation.”

The functionning is very simple for ordering, browsing the creations you want (please select the correct on, I have made some different version with or without battery box if you have already one) and then, buy on paypal. You will receive your brand new parts within 9-13 days, and the PDF instructions by email.

“Brand new parts, shipping included, PDF instructions included by email.”

So, l hope that you like it, go to mochub to see what it’s on sale and tell me here or in the comment on the video which creations do you want to be on mochub !

Ps : this is not a comissionned post, it is simply that I think mochub is awesome ! Year of waiting for this, nice to see some people to make that !

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    Thank you Nico for this tip, I was searching the easiest way to put MOC for sale online so this site falls at the right time. I will probably try it as soon as I have complete some LDD models.

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