My first truck !

My first truck, manually operated. It has steering with a HOG, V6 fake engine connected to the rear axle, complex stabiliser system and pneumatic arm.

The stabilisers are operated with two handles. One to extend the stabiliser (with a rack pinion) and one other to lift the truck (with a VSF-handle system).  The pneumatics arm is very simple, each hinge is equiped with a pneumatic cylinder. To finish, pneumatic arm can rotate, with a 12t gear placed on the cab.

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Designed in 2007

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    VSf means Vis Sans Fin, also called Screw worm in english, My english was a bit bad at this time !

    Dear Nico,

    great stuff, respect!!!
    I’m wondering about your “first truck” from 2010, how do you manage the stabilisers, the second move?
    VSF = Victoria Secret Fashion ??! 😉

    I’m still stuck with the 90s parts, but it’s still fun to me.

    Best regards from Dortmund, Germany,

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