Tow Truck

After my quick period with studfull building, I decided to come back on studless. This truck is equipped with steering, fake engine, tow equipment including a telescopic boom and a hook.


This truck was designed to be playable and simple to use. This is the reason why I have chosen to keep the manual steering and drive. But other equipment are powered by PFS and pneumatic. The first equipment can be tilted and lifted thanks to 3 pneumatic cylinders. While the first tow equipment is tilted, the boom is tilted to (because they are locked). The boom is a 1-telescopic section boom with rack. I have also placed a couple of pneumatic cylinder to create functional outriggers on the rear. The motor M placed in the frame is used to control the telescopic boom and the hook. I used a unusual  configuration of gearbox to manage this. The two functions are : 1) Hook only, 2: hook and telescopic boom. To finish, the cab can be lifted. 2 electric and 3 pneumatic functions + 2 manual functions, it’s a great example of a playable lego truck !

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Designed in 2009

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    I saw the tractor van and the towing vehicle and I would like to have plans, I found it where?

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